2014 Summer Trip: Mongolia

I'm almost always doing something different than the norm is, or what other people are doing, and right now everyone in asia is planning their vacations to Thailand and Japan and Hong Kong. Those are all awesome places, but why would I want to go there and be another tourist, doing the exact same stuff as everyone else? I'm going to wait until non-tourist seasons for things like that, and in the meantime, here is the plan I have for Mongolia starting August 9 - August 18. Currently looking at this Hostel&Tour Group to help me out with a few things: http://www.sunpath-mongolia.com/tours/view/central-mongolia 1) Rent a motorcycle in the capital of Ulaanbataar and after a night or two of city life and partying, ride into the desert. 2) Meet up with a private family I've contacted and stay in their Ger (the tent things) for a night or two. They have confirmed the killing of a live goat for us to eat and have a real mongolian feast. 3) Rent a horse from that father and ride across 1/5 of the country to the west. 4) Once in the west, rent an eagle for the day. They are tame as long as you know how to handle animals and they are strapped down, with a leash (to give lee-way). 5) Head to the foothills of the really tall mountains and hang out with the rural locals that I find and hear are really, really friendly. 6) Find other travelers in this area to rent a large SUV to drive back across the flats to Ulaanbataar. 7) More partying and hostel life in Ulaanbataar before returning to my Asian Sanctuary. Here are pictures that will go along with my plan:

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