6 Months Down; Semester One Review

Haven't posted in a while. Takes a lot of time to write, especially when I'm trying to make the videos at the same time. I'm going to try to balance the two and write more though, because I think I've gained more free time now that I've learned how to improv my class lessons more and not have to pre-plan as much. Every week I can feel myself becoming better at teaching and the skills I have now in front of a large group of people are exponentially better than they were when I first got here. After half a year in Korea, I haven't slowed down and I haven't become bored once. Life here is amazing and not one time have I second-guessed my decision to leave my country and become a foreigner in another land. The quality of life here is very high and the people are positive. The food is much more healthy and I'm in the best shape of my life. It's absolutely set in stone that I'm going to renew my contract for a second year, especially now that I've learned how to manage my money here better and I'm able to save a lot while successfully paying off my debts. There is still so much more to do in this country; not to mention visiting other Asian-countries which are right around the corner for just a few hundred dollars. Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, China, Myanmar, Laos... all on the list. I'm doing what I always wanted to do but thought impossible. I'm traveling the world and making money while doing it. I have nearly free healthcare which is just as good as America's. I'm going to repeat that. I have nearly free healthcare, and I'm not even a citizen of the country that's giving it to me. It makes me sick thinking about how much I was paying to insurance in the States. Being here has shown me how corrupt so many aspects of America is. I love America, and it's a great country which will always be my home, but I wish everyone wasn't so deluded and oppressed by big pharma and mega corporations. I wish the small business thrived more and wasn't pushed to the back by huge names like Walmart and Target. It's nice to be in a place where my money is going directly to the producers of the goods I'm purchasing. Anyway, getting off track already. Back to the topic, I'm having a good time teaching middle school. I get to school at 8:30 AM after a 10 minute bus commute (which costs about $1 a day total, as I get a ride home from my co-teacher after the day is done). I have about 4 or 5 classes per day, which equals 22 total hours of actual teaching. The other 18 hours I'm in my office working on my lesson plans or working on other non-school related projects (like my videos and photoshops). My co-teachers, Kim Min-Hong, Park Hee-Jung, Seo Hwa-Il, and Yi Meung-Soo are all very nice and help me when I need help. Teaching 7th graders is much easier than teaching 9th graders. There's a sense of apathy and less motivation the higher up you go. I try to keep it fun and different than their normal English classes while still doing it in my style. I get home at about 5 pm every day and usually am pretty tired but always find time to work out before ending the day. My students are all very nice and always want to help me out with whatever. They know how hard I'm working at learning their language and often come to my office to give me tips. They laugh at my Korean accent, and I laugh at their American accent. I probably sound like I'm fresh off the Mayflower that accidentally landed in Asia. Their language is hard, but not as hard as English. I don't think most of us native English speakers realize exactly how hard out language is, but wow, being here has shown me how extremely insanely difficult it is. It's also often innane and makes no sense. There are so many rules that are broken at different times that we might as well speak a language with no rules. I could write a shitload of analysis about this subject but I'll keep that for a later date. So this is a text update on top of the new video that I just posted of our summer break vacation. For winter vacation, I don't know what I'm doing yet but I'm really hoping I'll be in Cambodia. TTYL.

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