December Status Update

I am waiting for one more document to come back from the FBI, which is the apostille of my fingerprint/background check that I received from the FBI a couple weeks back. At that point, I thought I was done with everything. I thought I had it all locked in and Seoul was good to go. But then I found out that teachers applying specifically to Seoul have to send the FBI Fingerprints that they received BACK to the FBI, so they can stamp a 2nd seal. And they can't do all of the processes all at once, only because it's in a different building. So basically, you pay a crap load of money to overnight air your documents to Washington DC. You get them back. Then you pay the same fee to send your documents once again to the building across the street, so some lady can smash a big ol' blue stamp and signature down on the FBI fingerprint paper. I'm not angry, and in fact I'm not even annoyed. I'm moreso in disbelief that the United States of Freakin' America still has processes like these that aren't fleshed out. How long have fingerprints been done? Many, many decades right? And they still have some neanderthal, homo erectus-style system surrounding their establishment. I asked my (awesome) Korean recruiter lady if I was being unreasonable in my pointing fingers at America for being ridiculous, but she laughed and said that I'm absolutely correct in my overall assessment of the situation. So now my documents will be about 10 days later than I had hoped for. This means I might not go to Seoul. At first, I was somewhat depressed. It is the city I know most about and it's where all the action is. It's where I wanted to get my lanky white ass culture-shocked to oblivion, stumbling through the streets of the Mokdong district with a bottle of Soju and a vocabulary of about 1,000 words that I slur at the street corner meat cooks with confidence, mostly sounding like I just strolled straight off the Mayflower. Make no mistake - Seoul is no joke in terms of size and density. It's the 12th biggest city in the world (compare that to New York which is a distant 19th) and it's growing faster than almost any other. It's the center of many of the newest technologies on the planet, and without a doubt... no questions asked... the fastest internet in the world by far (referring to both consumers/residents as well as businesses). I won't even get into how fast their internet is because that's a huge post in itself. So in regards to it being the 12th biggest city in the world: I'm not that much of a city kid - it's a bit big for my usual lifestyle. But it still has been my focal point and a city that has so much culture and history behind it that I really wanted to start in the most chaotic place of all before branching out once I become a smarter foreigner. Now that my documents are a little bit later than the fastest possible time to get them in, Seoul could fill up very fast. It probably will. And like I said, I was disappointed at first, but I got over it extremely quickly. I have done everything right in this entire ordeal so far. I have worked my ass off to get all of this done on time, and I definitely have as I'm still considered one of the earliest recruits to get accepted (I was the 76th American to apply, and probably around the 20th-30th to get hired? Not sure, thats my estimate). So basically more than ever, my mind state is that whatever happens is absolutely meant to happen and I will be 100% happy with any city that Korvia (my recruiting company) sends me to. You don't really get to choose your first year with most recruiters; especially with Korvia which is considered one of the best recruiting companies, if not #1. I am still hoping I am sent to some sort of suburban city with a population of at least 150,000, but if fate turns out that I will be going to an extremely rural spot for a while, I'm going to go there and I'm going to rock it just like I would rock anything else. I feel so lucky to be given this opportunity for a change in my life, one that has been needed more than anyone could have ever realized, and I will not complain once over anything that happens negatively from this point on. Doesn't mean I can't talk crap about 'Murica, though, right!? ::Grumble:: I'll show you fingerprints... ::Grumble:: Will update when I get the word.

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