Finalized & Placed. Gyeongbuk Is My Spot!

Gyeongsangbuk A few days ago I received an e-mail I had been waiting for very impatiently. My confirmation that I'm 100% in and the info that tells me the general region my new home will be in. I won't know my exact city until I get to orientation & training a week before school starts, but knowing the region you're going to is essentially like a foreigner finding out what state they are going to live in. I didn't get placed in Seoul, which was my top choice, but I am absolutely not disappointed about this as you can read in my post below this one (December Status Update). The region I will be going to for my first year is called Gyeongbuk (Ji-yong-buk), also known as Gyeongsanbuk-do, and it's a huge region in the southeastern area South Korea that is full of history and many different towns of varying sizes. The total population is 2,600,000 or so and the climate varies a lot depending on the time of year. It has many research institutes and is considered one of the major hubs of research and education in Korea. With 7 different train routes and 14 individual stations, I shouldn't have trouble getting around wherever I want to go. This was one of the most important aspects to me about where I was going to be placed. Gyeongbuk is mostly a rural region with sprawling hills, ancient temples, and what's considered some of the best food in Korea! pohang Some of the things I'm looking forward to local to this area are the Korean Wine & Rice Festival, who's description is: "The festival that lasts for six days, preserved the ancient national food culture of thousands years. It is focused on two ingredients of the culinary tradition: alcohol drinks and rice cakes."Also looking forward to the Squid Festival where thousands of different squid dishes are prepared (one of my favorite seafoods, if not my favorite), and a few other festivals that I'll list later. Festival The nature and scenery of the region seems great and maybe this is definitely the place for me after all in comparison to Seoul or another major metropolitan area. From this place, I should be able to figure out where I want to go the second year if remaining in Korea (if anywhere else, that is!). I will post once more before I leave on February 18. I need to be there on the 19th for orientation and pre-school festivities! Trees Soju Fest 011
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