Time Spent In Location: 3 Weeks, 2 Trips Favorite City: Osaka Favorite Food: Home Made Ramen Favorite Activity: Tiny Japanese Street Bars
What It Does Better Than Anyone Else: Cleanliness & Kindness What It Does Worse Than Anyone Else: Money System
Most Overrated Thing: Kyoto
Most Underrated Thing: 7-11/Convenience Store Food
Average Hotel Price: $50-100 Average Hostel Price: $30-40 (Slightly more than America)
Average Dinner Price: $12-20. Cheaper Convenience Store Food. Average Store Alcohol Price: $4 For Amazing Import Beer. Great!


Please click on a location to see more info:
         * Osaka, Kansai-Chihō          * Kyoto, Kansai-Chihō          * Asuka, Kansai-Chiho, Nara Prefecture          * Nara, Kansai-Chiho, Nara Prefecture

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