Pics of My Korean Home Taking Longer To Get Than Expected... ASAP Gimcheon (김천; "Gold Spring City') is a city in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. It is situated on the major land transportation routes between Seoul and Busan, namely the Gyeongbu Expressway and Gyeongbu Line railway. In ancient times, Gimcheon was famous for its three mountains (Geumo, Daedeok, Hwangak) and two rivers (Gamcheon, Jikjicheon). During the Chosun Dynasty, Gimcheon had one out five largest markets in the region. The town has also served as the gateway and traffic hub of the Yeongnam region and is particularly proud of its patriots, history and conservative lifestyle. The city brand slogan of Gimcheon city is 'Central Gimcheon', a recognition of the fact that it is situated almost at the center of Korea. Gimcheon's dining options mainly consist of the average Korean, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants that are found in abundance throughout Korea. The majority of the city's restaurants are locally owned but some major chains can also be found, including more popular or Western-friendly choices. Visited In: Lived In For 3 Years, c. 2013-2015 (っ◕‿◕)っ Pictures & Info
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