Interview with Rafiqua Israel of rafiquaisraelexpress.cominterviewpohang Rafiqua has lived in Pohang for 3 years and knows the in's and out's of the city. She runs her own travel blog with consistent updates that you can check out by clicking the link above! 1. What is life like as a foreigner in Pohang and how is the foreign community there? For someone who has never been to Pohang before, it is quite small. Living here has therefore both interesting, fun and challenging at times. Being a foreigner here was tough in the beginning because the language barrier was notably a big hinderance to getting anything done. It took a lot of hunting around for English speaking Korean services (doctor, hairdressers, dry cleaners etc) to make living here comfortable. The Pohang community is great. We are a smallish bunch of people that are very warm towards each other, as well as newcomers. I found making friends very easy, and there are always community events happening every other weekend, which includes everyone living here.
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2. What kinds of things do the people who live there do for fun activity wise? Pohang is a beach city, and a lot of activities involve the sea. In summer our favorite weekend activities are camping on the beach, or just swimming and catching a tan. Fun beach activities also are often organised by the local pohang community, such as beach volleyball and beach frisbee. Pohang also has a few decent hiking trails nearby, which people tend to do for fun. 3. As a traveler or guest to the city, what are some interesting things to do around the city? Pohang is very famous for all sorts of seafood. My favorite food are the open fire grilled clams! If you go to the restaurant along bukbu beach, near the Valentine Hotel, they even offer cheese toppings! A traveler to Pohang should definitely talk a walk through Jukdo Market, the largest open-run market along the Eastern region of Korea. Jukdo Market sells the usual stuff a market would sell, but at the back of the market has a massive wet fish market! You can find all sorts of interesting sea creatures, and even a few unfavorable options. Another well known area of Pohang is Guryongpo and Homigot. Guryongpo is well known for gwamegi, half-dried Pacific herring, as well as the Homigot hands of harmony, the first place where the sun rises in the East. If you are visiting during the summer months, do make a trip to our awesome beaches and the hidden Dragon Temple! 4. How about the nightlife? Is it active and plentiful or more laid back and hidden? The nightlife in Pohang is a little more laid back. Pohang has a few foreigner friendly bars, two which are near to Bukbu beach, which are well known hangout spots during the weekends. A popular choice during summer is to hang out late at night on the beach! 5. And last question, how do you feel about the food? Which dishes does Pohang do well and which foods do you wish you had more access to? Pohang does a lot of dishes well, especially if you are into seafood! My favorite local seafood dishes are the fire cooked clams, and steamed crab! Pohang has a handful of restaurants which offer a good supply of wester and Korean food. However I wish there was a fantastic Mexican restaurant and brunch place that served salmon egg benedicts!  
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