Language Mishaps #1

One of my bad habits while trying to speak Korean to Koreans is that if I don't understand what they said after 3 tries (of "what? again please?"), I say Gwen-chan-a-yo (괜찮아요) and nod my head, acting like I understood what they said. I do this in English too when I can't hear someone over loud noise after 3 tries, but that's different. 괜찮아요 means the equivalent of a few things, most notably "It's ok" and moreso for me around the city, "No problem". It means "It's all good, bro.", but without the bro, and more versatile. Sometimes this has me responding weirdly to basic questions. One of those just happened at the corner market near my house. The clerk dude is very talkative and knows now that I usually understand at least most of what he says, even though he has a really thick accent, probably from living in our Gyeongbuk Country region of Korea for his whole life. Today I totally botched listening to the words coming out of his mouth until, of course, 30 mins after I got home. I'm going to translate to English essentially how *he* heard our conversation: >>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( ::I put snacks and drinks on the counter to buy:: ) Clerk: Hello. Is that all? Me: Yes, thanks. Clerk: This rice snack comes with a free juice. Would you like the grape juice or the orange juice? Me: No problem. Clerk: Huh? Which juice? Me: It's all good, bro. Clerk: So do you like the orange or the grape juice better? Me: Yep. Yep yep yep (nay nay nay). No problem at all. Ok have a good night! Clerk: Yes? Huh? ( ::Exits store, smiling like Dumbo:: ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>> I should have realized his confused look meant I missed a critical bit of information, especially as he's standing there with two juice boxes in his hand as I leave. The sick thing is, I was walking home with my head up high thinking like "Awwww yeah bwoy, I understand a different language on a basic level, can't stop this!" Honestly next time I go in, I'm going to see if he remembers and walk in there without saying Hello and just yelp "ORANGE JUICE" and see what happens.

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