My Favorite Tool

My biggest teaching tool is my 30-sided dice. I use my dice every day. It doesn't leave my side. I don't let the kids roll it for fear of it being stolen. I get into teaching my lessons and interacting with the students so much that I don't often feel like using my limited brain power to remembering who I have called on for the day, or the week. So why not have fun and leave it to chance? The kids like it better, and I like it better. The kids know simple math, regardless of grade. They know that it's a 1/30 chance their number will be rolled, and that makes them feel safe and secure. A 3.33% chance is the definition of safety. It also makes them know that if their number comes up, there's no way in hell they can argue their way out of it. Your number? Your answer, don't even try to escape. Thanks to my 30-Sided dice, I never once have had to debate with the kids over fairness or unfairness of my selection of students to stand and give answers. I'd like to give a special shout out to Dungeons and Dragons for providing me with the opportunity to use such a special tool.

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