Return from the Digital Grave

Well well well, look who’s come crawling back onto the internet to try and redeem himself from a multiple month binge of obscurity from friends and family. Let me summarize what my mind state was regarding this blog, both before and after my arrival in Korea: Before: "Oh man, Korea's going to be so awesome. I'm going to have so much time to do anything I want and be readily available to update all the people in my life back home through the internet!". After: "Oh man, Korea is so awesome. This is so awesome that there's no way I have time to get on the computer for multiple hours right now to work on a freakin' website!" TEMP_BIA_HEADER2 I apologize for taking 2 months to get this up, and to give any updates in general to anyone besides my close friends that I keep in touch with on a daily (chat) basis. Now that I've laid the groundwork down for this site, my videos, and my travel plans, I will be able to push out updates every week or every 2 weeks easily. Even with a blog as simple as this one, it takes a long time to do things, especially with how perfectionist I am when it comes to displaying a piece of work on the internet. It's been a long time since I've attempted to make art in a new medium, and as I might have mentioned earlier, video editing is what I want to become good at next. After 14 years of hardcore Photoshop use since version 4.0 in 1996 (around the time layers were first invented), I feel like I've hit a peak in what I can personally do on that program. I need something more challenging, and god damn, video has clearly shown itself to be the answer. I'm working on life-like explosions right now and just to get a simple bomb effect going has been mind-bending and intense. This first video I'm putting up is many months old in terms of my skill level, because that's how long it's taken me to find the time to finalize it. I'm obviously not going for a standard blog here, and I hope the videos that I start producing in more numbers very rapidly are entertaining as well as informative. Some ideas for the near future are: 10 Things I Love About Korea, 10 Things I Hate About Korea, A Tour of Gimcheon, my new Korean friends being interviewed, and many videos involving small groups of my 400 total students that want to be in a "movie". 041913_02
Starting at bottom, going clock-wise: Siddartha (Sid), Alex, Hunter, Maria, Tom, Rene, Corteney, Jim, Ryan.
The above picture is the most important to me so far. Why? Because those pictured are the people who were randomly chosen to teach in the same city (Gimcheon) as me and now we are all good friends. They are who I spend more time with than anyone else besides my co-teachers and students, and without them I would be alone in a strange land. I'm still often alone, and that's fine with me because I love exploring by myself as I always have. Here are some more selected pictures from the last 2 months. I'll be getting a gallery feature up in the future but right now I'm concentrating mostly on video. DCIM100GOPRO
Above: Sorry for the blurry pic, but hopefully you can still see that they definitely don't play around here when it comes to awesome meat!
Above: My first taco shop found in Korea. Review later. For now: It was very nice.
Above: Rooftop hostel in Daegu with Marcus, Jim, Brittany, and Ryan. Daegu rules!
Above: A few hours after we left the rooftop pictured above, we found a very... well... West Coast (California) style hip-hop club. It was the grimiest place I've been in Korea so far, lol.
Above: Tae Kwon Do at orientation. The suited up group. Whatever they are called... not Gi's... some Korean word.
Above: Here are some South African friends, including my room mate from orientation named Riaan. We partied in a city called Ulsan, on the east coast.
Above: And saving the best for last, here are two of my extremely good friends that I've grown close with since orientation. Maida, left, has been my best friend in Korea since very early in Korea. Emily, right, is the best Tasmanian person of all time and hearing her accent is one of my purposes in life.
I'll see you guys in a week or two when I make a 2nd big post about my home, district, city, and region in general.

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