Seoulhunter In Mongolia

.. // 18:54 minute video of one of the most mysterious countries ever. .. // This video took me months for a reason. The reason? .. // No, it's not because it's good. .. // It's because I'm both so god damn busy and lazy at the same time. .. // How that works out, I don't know. But I can't believe I finished it. .. // Wow, thank the universe I am done. .. // Please, please share this with people you know that are interested in travel .. // Real-traveling, not National Geographic stuff. Er, wait; don't get me wrong... .. // I love Nat.Geo. But I'm a real person with no candy-coats. Recommended: Change setting to 1080p using the gear icon in the lower right corner. REPEAT: IMMEDIATELY CHANGE TO 1080p I can't wait to shoot at 4K. Please change to 1080p..

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