Snakin’ Thru The Southeast 2016

Except for my computer and a few clothes sent home, I've left Korea and sold all my possessions and everything I own except for the items in my backpack here. It feels good to not have to worry about material possessions and their constant upkeep. Without these material burdens, I feel so free to move around the world as I please. Just left Hanoi, Vietnam and heading south along the country to wind up in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and finally Myanmar. I am so relieved to disconnect from American media and politics and I can't wait to not pay attention to world news a single time until I get back to civilization. Everyone have a good first half 2016! I will update here whenever wifi strikes the jungle. MhPDwdP 12814531_10154675649625760_1321050771552200337_n

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