The End Of The Year

It's the end of November and it's already snowed three times. This is a very early winter and my students all say it's going to be a cold one. All of my South African friends here are freaking out and I can't wait until the frost truly sets in so I can giggle under my breath at their pain and suffering. I've decided to renew my contract in Korea for another year, which was an immediate no-brainer choice, but I will not be at the same school. My current Middle School changes foreign teachers every year no matter what, and I think me going somewhere new is only for the best. I've applied to an Elementary School in the same city of Gimcheon, but if I do not get accepted there then I will be heading to the capital of Seoul to teach at a private school. I had two Thanksgivings here with two different groups of friends and I'm excited for December to happen as it will finally be time to rest from all the chaotic and crazy weekends I've been having here more often than not. I get three full weeks of vacation in the winter and I hope to be taking that in February. I wanted to go to Cambodia but might just save money for a huge Mongolia trip next summer. I also need to get back to America at some point to see friends and family. Have to run to class, more later...

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