Yesterday Was My EPIK Interview

My actual interview with the Korean public school system happened yesterday. I was more comfortable than I thought I would be once it started. I usually do well in interviews but this was something new for me as it was over video on Skype. It was with a late 20's Korean male and he was pretty cool the whole way through. My recruiter hooked me up with a "cheat sheet" before the interview happened which showed me many of the questions that I was going to be asked. I'm so glad she did this because I was prepared when the time came. I've actually edited and uploaded the .doc file of my interview for you so you can see how it all went down. My answers are on there too. Highlighted in Green = Questions they DID ask. Highlighted in Gray = Questions they did NOT ask. Yellow Highlights = Notes or Additional Questions. I will post the results (aka PASS OR FAIL) next week when they tell me. Here's the interview: Epik Interview (.docx)

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